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Hystero Resectoscope 22FR Roller Ball

Tru-Vu Hystero-Resectoscope. The same great product you expect but with the quality and price you can't beat.


Resectoscope | Stryker

Resectoscope. Scopes . Stryker has combined our camera technology with durable rigid resectoscope hardware and instrumentation, offering clarity and comfort for resection in urology and gynecology procedures.


TCRis 2 - Olympus

 · • Rollerball for providing coagulation of endometrium and in cornual areas • Needle electrode for septum removal • 45° electrode for easier resection of endometrium in cornual areas or for polyps Visera Elite – Superior Imaging and Surgeon Comfort HD image quality never seen before in any operating room.


Resection in Saline Electrodes | Olympus America | Medical

Olympus Resection in Saline Electrodes include a variety of electrode choices for urological procedures, including the PlasmaButton as well as loop (various sizes), band, knife, and roller ball options. Their seamless integration with Olympus resectoscopes ensures surgical tissue removal with minimal bleeding, increased visibility, and decreased procedure time.


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Advanced Endoscopy Devices’ line of resectoscopes are manufactured with German surgical grade stainless steel and high resolution optics. We offer ceramic sheaths in continuous flow or standard styles. Our resectoscopes are ergonomically designed to improve handling strain on the surgeon as well as patient comfort.


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HD Hysteroscope : unmatched performances and outstanding durability Our latest generation of lenses, designed to take full advantage of HD, provides detailed and perfectly clear images even in the backgrounds. This hyper resolution together with a real homogeneous light distribution provides a huge depth of field. The whole image will be sharp!


Transurethral fulguration of the prostate with the roller

 · Both phases of the study were conducted using standard transurethral resection equipment. This included 24 F resectoscope sheath, a 3-mm roller ball (Karl Stortz, Culver City, Calif), and a Valley Laboratory SSE2 electrosur- gical unit, General or spinal anesthesia was used in all cases and glycine was used-as the irrigating fluid.


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Resectoscope Electrodes Endoscopy Superstore’s carries endoscopic cutting loop electrodes that are manufactured to resect tissue and provide a smooth tissue cut. The wire-cutting loop is hand formed and is designed to maximize current density for smooth and effortless tissue cutting.


Genital tract electrical burns during hysteroscopic

 · In physics a capacitor stores electrical charge and is defined as two nearby conductors separated by insu- lation. The articulation of a typical resectoscope, used in all 13 cases, unintentionally allows creation of a capacitor; the insulated electrode (rollerball, barrel, loop, etc.) surrounded by the metal inner sheath.


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 · Unassembled resectoscope from top to bottom: telescope encased in a spring-loaded bridge, rollerball electrode, inner cannula for inflow of fluids, outer cannula for outflow (Storz). ROLLERBALL ENDOMETRIAL ABLATION 307 i/i!iiii i!ii i!i ! !i!iiiiii! Figure 5. Close-up view of distal end of resectoscope with rollerball electrode in place (Storz).


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You will have a better hold of the resectoscope and your gesture will be more accurate. . HD Hysteroscope . Ref. D300 130 004. Cutting loop 30° Ref. D300 140 004. Cutting loop, straight. Ref. D300 140 007. Coagulating electrode rollerball. Ref. D300 140 006. Coagulating electrode knife. Ref. D300 140 005. Light cable. Autoclavable. Ø:3 .


imaging all the women

better hold of the resectoscope and your gesture will be more accurate. HD Hysteroscope : unmatched performances and outstanding durability Our latest generation of lenses, designed to take full advantage of HD, provides detailed and perfectly clear images even in the backgrounds.



Digital Video Colposcope – HD 4i; Fetal Monitor. Wire Fetal Monitor. Fetus-7; Fetus-7 Android; Wireless Fetal Monitor. Fetus-10; Fetus-10 Android; Hysteroscopy System. Hysteroscope; Hystero Pump; Resectoscope. Bipolar Resectoscope 18.5 Fr diameter; Bipolar Resectoscope 4mm; Laproscopy System. Full HD Medical Grade Monitors; Ultra HD .


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Olympus is the first in the market to introduce Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Glass 4 mm telescopes in rigid surgical endoscopy. The OES ELITE 4 mm HD Telescopes are designed with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, which in turn minimizes chromatic aberration. When used with NBI, images appear rich in contrast in all directions of view: 0º, 12º, 30º, 30° wide angle and 70º.


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AED's Tru-Vu hysteroscopes contain a state of the art compact objective system.Its lightweight construction makes it easy and convenient to use while containing a wide aperture fiber-optics light transmission. Our hysteroscopes offer you bright and sharp images throughout the field of view. The rod lens system is of the highest quality and is manufactured in Germany and … Rollerball - Twilight Time [1975] [Blu-ray

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(Pocket Notebook Series) K. Joseph Hurt Pocket Obstetrics and Gynecology LWW (2014) pandoras box 6

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 · Mini-resectoscope is assembled introducing into the outer sheath an inner sheath together with a Bi-power working element with a 2.9 mm diameter/ 0° telescope and mono or bipolar electrodes or cold loops. Results: In inpatient settings the dilatation of cervix uteri is avoid, reducing any possible complication.


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Abstracts of the 22nd Annual Congress of the European

Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Oral. Johanna Schaefer*, Ibrahim Alkatout, Thoralf Schollmeyer, Liselotte Mettler. University Kiel. Summary (4 lines): We analyzed the medical records of 222 dermoid-patients at the Department of Gynecology in Kiel, from 1995 to 2004. Almost all women were treated by laparoscopy and those wishing to have children became …


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37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER. Bonneys Gynaecological Surgery 11th Ed booksmedicos


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The diverticular cavity is fulgurated with a resectoscope and a rollerball electrode using 1.5% glycine irrigant. Low energy electrocautery settings are used - 20 W coagulation and 0W cut. An 18F red rubber catheter is placed in the cavity with position confirmed on fluoroscopy.