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different sizes 3m arthroscopy pump for shoulder surgery


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Arthroscopy. Fluid Management and Resection. Stryker’s Integrated Arthroscopy Solution utilizes ReconiSense technology designed to optimize suction rates, enhance resection abilities, and maintain consistent visualization throughout Arthroscopic cases.



Block and Infusion Pump After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery. Arthroscopy 2008;24(1):14-19 . Design: randomized clinical trial . Brief summary of findings: - 92 patients randomized to 4 treatment groups, but only 76 completed the study - All had arthroscopic procedures for subacromial decompression and possible rotator


Rehabilitation Guidelines for Shoulder Arthroscopy

rehabilitation guidelines for Shoulder arthroscopy posttraumatic degenerative disease of the AC joint and shoulder impingement syndrome.4 Chronic impingement and/or inflammation of the long head of the biceps (Figure 1) can also be a pain generator in the shoulder. The tendon can often become frayed or partially torn.


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Arthroscopy pumps are designed to control irrigation and distention of the joint by maintaining a selected pressure and fluid flow rate. We currently use the 3M arthroscopy pump (3M Health Care, St Paul, MN) because it automatically decreases flow when the pressure increases over the preset value and stops if the pressure gets too high.


Basic Shoulder Arthroscopy: Beach Chair Patient

 · Shoulder arthroscopy is a common procedure performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.1, 2, 3 Indications for shoulder arthroscopy are expanding, with increasing ability of the orthopaedic surgeon to identify lesions and perform more complex arthroscopic procedures.4, 5, 6 This article and Video 1 review the setup of the operating room, sterile preparation, and draping for shoulder .


Pain Management Pump Lawsuits - Shoulder Chondrolysis

 · The shoulder pain management pump lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. represent individuals throughout the United States who have developed shoulder chondrolysis, or cartilage damage, after arthroscopic surgery.Lawsuits are being reviewed individually against the makers of several different types of surgery pain management pumps, including Stryker Corp.,


Shoulder Arthroscopy Cartilage Loss Linked to use of Pain

 · Shoulder arthroscopy is generally considered a surgery without a substantial risk of complications, especially when compared with open surgery. However, some people have suffered severe shoulder cartilage loss following the use of a pain pumps designed to infuse medication during the days after the arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Pain Relief After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: A

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is often associated with severe postoperative pain that can be difficult to manage without large-dose opioids ().Opioids can cause nausea, vomiting, sedation, and/or failure to control pain ().Supplementing general anesthesia (GA) with a regional nerve block might improve the quality of postoperative pain relief.


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 · Most probes are right angled with a tip size of 3 to 4 mm, and this known size of the hook can be used to measure the size of intraarticular lesions. 24. SCISSORS Arthroscopic scissors are 3 to 4 mm in diameter and are available in both small and large sizes. The jaws of the scissors may be straight or hooked .


Pain after shoulder arthroscopy: A prospective study on

 · Shoulder arthroscopy is reputed to be painful, but progression of postoperative pain after this type of surgery has never been described and analyzed. This study had a triple objective: the description, search for risk factors, and analysis of the long-term impact of postoperative pain.



the best clinical outcome for your shoulder surgery, is to safely get you through the . pencil lead or paper clip (only about a millimeter in size) and can be placed by the . after surgery, the catheter is hooked up to a pump which will deliver the numbing medicine down the catheter (Figure 2). This pump can actually be controlled by the


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Shoulder arthroscopy has been performed since the 1970s. It has made diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from surgery easier and faster than was once thought possible. Improvements to shoulder arthroscopy occur every year as new instruments and …


Outpatient orthopedic shoulder surgery: Your pain relief

The shoulder is the body’s most flexible joint. While this flexibility allows you to move your arm in all different directions, it also makes the shoulder particularly vulnerable to injury. In 2010, nearly 11.5 million people visited their doctor for shoulder problems.[1] Common shoulder injuries include tears in the rotator cuff muscles (muscles around the shoulder), partial or complete .


Shoulder Pain Pump Lawsuits - Shoulder Pump Class

Shoulder pain pump lawsuits are being pursued for those who developed cartilage damage following arthroscopic shoulder surgery, a condition known as postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis. Lawsuits and class action suits reviewed nationwide by pain pump lawyers.


Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Using Triple-Loaded

We prefer to use a pump with which both the flow and the pressure can be controlled. Arthroscopic Evaluation. Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair should begin with a standardized, reproducible arthroscopic examination of the complete intra-articular anatomy via both the posterior and the anterior portals.


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 · Orthopedics Arthro - Surgimat ® Arthro - Surgimat ® Arthroscopy pump • Clear visualization • Easy set-up • High safety avoids overpressure in the joint • Cost savings by reusable tube sets • Access from sterile field Basics Technical Data 26.0010r 1 Arthro-Surgimat basic unit, Main supply 100-240 V~, 50-60 Hz incl. foot pedal Max .


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ChloraPrep ™ patient preoperative skin preparation products. Skin prep you can trust. The only 2% CHG / 70% IPA solution with >50 clinical studies supporting its efficacy and safety; setting the standard of care in infection prevention for over 18 years.


PROSPECT guideline for rotator cuff repair surgery

Pain scores after surgery were not significantly different; the zolpidem group had lower rescue analgesic requirements. Surgical technique. Capito et al. compared isotonic to hyperosmolar irrigation arthroscopy and found lower pain scores after hyperosmolar irrigation at the end of surgery 62. Opioid use was not reported.


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A prospective randomized study was performed of 50 patients undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery who received irrigation fluid either with room temperature or warmed to 37 degrees C to 39 .


(PDF) Blood pressure response to combined general

The use of epinephrine in irrigation fluid for shoulder arthroscopy achieved better visual clarity (standardized mean difference, 1.01; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.63 to 1.39; p < 0.0001) and .


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Arthroscopic surgery usually doesn't take long. For example, arthroscopy of the knee takes about an hour. After that, you'll be taken to a separate room to recover for a few hours before going home. Your aftercare may include: Medications. Your doctor may prescribe medication to relieve pain and inflammation. R.I.C.E.


Postoperative analgesia for shoulder surgery: a critical

Summary Shoulder surgery is well recognised as having the potential to cause severe postoperative pain. The aim of this review is to assess critically the evidence relating to the effectiveness of .


Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Results | ShoulderDoc

• Bishop J., Klepps S., Lo IK., Bird J., Gladstone JN., Flatlow EL (2006) 'Cuff integrity after arthroscopic versus open rotator cuff repair: A prospective study' Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery; Volume 15 Number 3 2006 • Lugo R., Kung P., Ma CB. (2008) 'Shoulder Biomechanics' European Journal of Radiology 68 (2008) pages16-24


Efficacy and safety of a subacromial continuous

 · Holmes TT, Buzzell JE, Dunn WR: Intra-articular pain pump catheter breakage after arthroscopic shoulder surgery: A case series. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2007, 16 (6): e6-9. 10.1016/j.jse.2006.09.022. Article PubMed Google Scholar