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flexible operation resectoscope assembly


OES Pro Long Resectoscope | Olympus America | Medical

Olympus OES Pro Long Resectoscopes were specially developed for the resection of bladder tumors as well as for interventions in patients with long urethras and semi-flexible penile implants. The scope’s continuous flow system provides improved visualization under low pressure conditions while its modular design allows for 24 Fr. single flow or 27 Fr. continuous flow use.


Resectoscopes, Working Element, Sheaths, Laser | Endoscopy

Advanced Endoscopy Devices’ line of resectoscopes are manufactured with German surgical grade stainless steel and high resolution optics. We offer ceramic sheaths in continuous flow or standard styles. Our resectoscopes are ergonomically designed to improve handling strain on the surgeon as well as patient comfort.


Resectoscopes - Urology - Olympus Medical Systems

The OES Pro Resectoscope allows easy, effective, and safe resection in saline of benign prostatic hyperplasia and NMIBC. It is the evolution of …


Hystero-Resectoscope Assembly Quick Reference Guide

Flexible Endoscope Cleaning & Disinfection Guide [CYF-VH/VHR, CYF-V2/V2R, CYF-5/5R, HYF-V/XP/1T] Hysteroscopy - Video - Clinical case . Hysteroscopic Surgery in Saline . Hysteroscopy - Video . Hystero-Resectoscope Assembly …


US4649917A - Resectoscope with matching markers and

This operation system is further provided with a lever 4 fixed as the center to the rear portion of the guide tube 3, thumb-touched section 8 fitted to the slider 5 and a plate spring 10 stretched between the ring finger-touched section 7 and slider 5 in the U-form, thereby urging the slider 5 toward the rear side of the lever 4 .


US3144020A - Resectoscope sheath - Google Patents

The resectoscope sheath comprises a thin tube 1 of flexible Teflon surrounding a hollow, very thin stainless steel tube 2. The Teflon tube 1 is longer than …


Urology Flexible Forceps, Grasping Biopsy Forceps

Advanced Endoscopy Devices’ line of high quality flexible endoscopic urology forceps. The flexible nature of the sheath allows you to overcome the limitations imposed by straight instruments, enabling more efficient performance of cystoscopy procedures.


US4955884A - System for reducing drag on the movement

A system for reducing drag in a resectoscope working element. A hole is provided at a proximal end of a substantially enclosed electrode sheath for exiting fluids and substantially preventing pressure from being generated in the sheath. A working element has a guide block with a guide bar channel having a first cross-sectional shape and a guide bar with a second cross-sectional …


Resectoscope with matching markers and method of

With respect to said selected assembly, the second mark 31 of the electrode rod 12 and the third mark 32 of the sheath 1, which have the same color are adopted. Further, a selection is made of that assembly from among said four marks 30, 31, 32, 34 which ensures the proper matching of the electrode rod 12 and scope 11.


Gynecology | KARL STORZ Endoskope | United States

Outsourcing smaller procedures frees up OR capacity for larger operations. This trend towards ambulatory care requires a compact and flexible system with high image quality. The new TELE PACK+ ALL-IN-ONE system meets these demands. . KARL STORZ now offers a 5 mm resectoscope. Due to its small diameter, this resectoscope offers the possibility .


Compact Endoscopy | Life Science Medical

Modular system solutions complemented by flexible, state-of-the-art endoscopes for treatment from neonates to adolescents. FOR ADOLESCENTS The instrument set is complemented with a resectoscope of 14.5 Fr. and opens up all possibilities of endourological surgery in conjunction with the associated auxiliary instruments.


Operative Hysteroscopy | GLOWM

The assistant and other personnel cannot participate in the operation. With the resectoscope, use of the monitor is even more important, particularly because magnification and visualization provided by the new cameras increase the field of view and allow detailed observation of the lesions to be treated, and the operation is performed with more .


Compact Hysteroscopes - Richard Wolf

The Compact Hysteroscopes feature a narrow outer diameter of just 3.8 mm / 5 mm. Yet they offer flexibility for a large-lumen, straight working channel of 5 Fr., allowing a broad range of instruments to be used.


Infant / Pediatric Urology - Wehnever

11.5 Fr. Pediatric Resectoscope When precise biopsies are required, the rigid optical forceps will provide improved accuracy over flexible forceps, and a larger biopsy specimen than flexible forceps! Don’t compromise pathological results; insure adequate samples with …


Resectoscope and electrode therefor - American Cystoscope

What is claimed is: 1. A working element assembly for use in a resectoscope having a sheath, said assembly including a stem portion for insertion within the sheath, and having a telescope channel member with a central axis and a pair of parallel cutting electrode guide channel members spaced apart and sealingly mounted on the telescope channel member on opposite …


Ureteroscopes - Urology - Olympus Medical Systems

Having a long history in supporting physicians’ needs in stone management through the provision of rigid and flexible ureteroscopes and the related video equipment, Olympus is well aware of the additional procedural requirements resulting from the use of single-use instruments as well as holmium lasers and lithotriptors.


Industry 4.0 flexible production line | Bosch Global

Intelligent systems for the flexible factory 4.0 Flexible platforms, safe human-machine collaboration, and connectivity from the sensor to the cloud make production facilities ready for industry 4.0. The APAS production line shows an example of the intelligent factory.


Industrial Remote Valve Operators and Reach Rods

Mini Flexible Gear Drive System. Flexible 1:1 Direct Drive System (Reach Rod) Flexible rotary shafting designed to receive input torque (via a manually turned handwheel or tee wrench) at the operator station. This torque moves through a single flexible inner core, and is then delivered to a remote valve/valve gearbox.


Cystoscopy | Stryker

Stryker's Cystoscopes are designed to optimize our camera technology for increased visualization of critical anatomy. We offer several options to meet individual surgeon preferences.


Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Definition

 · A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is designed up front to be readily adapted to changes in the type and quantity of goods being produced. Production is largely automated, reducing overall .


Seismic separation assembly - Fire Protection Specialists

An assembly of fittings, pipe, flexible pipe, and/ or couplings that permits movement in all directions to accommodate seismic differential movement across building seismic separation joints, The extent of permitted movement can be made at least twice the actual separations, at right angles to the separation as well as parallel to it.


Working tool for accurate lateral resection of biological

The invention claimed is: 1. A working tool for a resectoscope for side-to-side resection of biological tissue using determined lateral movement, said working tool having a distal end which is inserted into a body cavity, a proximal end which is adjacent to a user, and a longitudinal axis, and wherein said tool includes: a rotation mechanism which includes; a handle assembly located …


Cystoscopy (Bladder Scope): Purpose, Procedure, Side

A cystoscopy, also known as a bladder scope, is a medical test used to check for diseases of the bladder and urethra. Learn more about the purpose and risks of this procedure.